Community Guidelines/Rules 

1. Be respectful
Huntington’s Community Connect Forum (HCC Forum) is an all-welcoming community that ensures everyone’s right to feel safe and supported. You may not always share the same opinion but it is important that you remain respectful and refrain from making any offensive, harassing, threatening or defamatory posts. 

2. Privacy and Confidentiality of users 

The HCC forum is designed to be an anonymous forum where the community can safely share their experiences and stories. It is important that when you are sharing your own stories, that you refrain from including personal identifying details about yourself and other people.  

3. One account per person and being anonymous
To maintain the integrity of our community and the security of your forum account, please refrain from sharing your account with other people. Alongside that, please ensure that you only create one account for your own use on the forum. Your registration details will only be shared with our trusted moderators and HV staff for security purposes only.  

4. Private Messaging
There is a private messaging function present on the HCC forum. If you choose to use this service, please be aware that the community guidelines are still in effect and need to be followed. Please respect that other users have the right to choose to engage or not use the private messaging function. If you are not comfortable with a private message that has been sent to you, please notify one of our moderators immediately.  

5. No reposting of copyrighted materials or other illegal/Explicit content is allowed
Just as your ideas and thoughts are your own, it is important to respect the thoughts and ideas of others as well. This also applies to Intellectual, copyright and registered property. If your post contains a breach of this rule, your post will be removed by our moderators.  

6. No Spam / Advertising / Self-promotion in the forums
The HCC forum is designed to support our community and share stories with each other, this space is not an opportunity to promote other business ventures, communities or spam. If your post contains these intentions or content, it will be revised by our moderators and removed.  

Please Note: 
If you are found to be breaching these guidelines, your post with be unapproved by a moderator and you will be contacted. Similarly, if you notice another user breaching the Community guidelines and terms of conditions, please report the activity and a moderator will review the report.