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Hi there I hope you can help.

I've known im gene positive for a while and i am ok with it now. I'd say im fairly active..always have been but recently ive been struggling to fall asleep. It feels like i cant relax my muscles and im always tensed up so I feel so exhausted when i wake up. Does this mean I am starting to show symptoms of HD?? What should i do from here?



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Hi Ryan,

I'm not a medical person so I can only offer suggestions. Are you linked in with a HD doctor. If not I would suggest that you ask your gp for a referral to one. I'm not sure where you live but the Neuropsychiatry dept at RMH or Calvery Bethleham both have HD specialists. It could just be that you have been doing too much exercise lately therefore finding it difficult for your body to unwind.

Take care 

Sue x 

Sue B Sue B 20/10/2023 11:53 am

Hi Ryan,
Also check out the Huntinton's Victoria website as they hsve lots of resouces. You can even give them a call. Take care


i was diagnosed a few years back, i live in syndey. For me my emotions changed, and forgetful a lot and i was also twitchy and had some movements happen. But remember that symptoms are different for everyone - i got symptoms way earlier then my dad.... i agree with sue to get a specialists opinion, they know the ins n outs. 

all the best 

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